Volunteering Success!

Peace and blessings be upon all of you!

Happy ending to year 2022, we pray to remain alive ,healthy and enlightened to provide public services to others and to remain grateful and steadfast. A special shout-out acknowledgement -To our volunteers globally you are indeed worthy, appreciated and absolutely AMAZING! Embrace your volunteering journey 2023 and beyond.

Use your eyes to see the needs, and use your talents to meet them.
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We need YOUR help 😍

Get involved and help us at Queen Sheba Village, some of our open positions include:
📚Become a Volunteering Board Member
👩‍🏫Teaching English, Arabic , Wolof
📈Organizing Fundraising Campaigns currently at https://givebutter.com/helpbuild
🏗Constructions donating quality raw materials specifically cement, iron, stones
🚶‍♀️Recruiting qualified skilled professionals
QSV 2023 Opportunities


Three(3) to (6) Months depending on opportunity


Verified Information Check for New volunteers


QSVolunteering BENEFITS:

🌍 Everyday Senegalese Cusine meals sponsored by Queen Sheba Agriculture Farms

Transportation- all assignments work related

Free Wifi

QSV Signature Stationary

QSV T-shirts

End of Program Tenure – Award Certificate

We Do Not Cover:

Airfare, Train-cost, Carfare to and from site entering or departure

Lodging – this includes hotels, family lodging, etc

Tours- of any kind

Medical Insurance

In the Future: To be Announced

Additional Details: commitments and arrangements discussed entirely onsite Office location: Dakar

#queenshebavillage #qsv #nonprofit #charity #humanrights #educationforall #womensrights #senegal

*This article post is ongoing subject to change depending on unforeseen circumstances, time frame, etc check back frequently for new and additional information to be added or deleted.

* The opportunities available are quite ideal for those residing or visiting Senegal, however any qualified professional may apply at any time from anyway on the planet. Get Involved and contact us@ queenshebavillage.inc.gmail.com

*For additional info about our volunteers and their experiences, we invite you to visit queenshebavillage.org site (Get Involved tab)



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